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[defining success]

one size does not fit all

Success doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. If you’re in a situation where you are “checking the box” on external success markers, but still feeling unfulfilled, Defining Success may be right for you.

Through a thoughtful exploration of your values, we will work together to paint a picture of what a successful life looks like to you. Each session we will consider what a life centered on each one of your values would look like, and examine ways to invite more of the value into your life immediately. This awareness will allow you to decisively choose what opportunities to seize, and where to draw boundaries.

[successful transitions]

what's next for you?

As the saying goes, change is the only constant in life. Transition coaching allows you to insert the intentionality needed to ensure that your next move gets you the satisfaction you are looking for. Whether you are changing employers, moving to a new city, or adopting a healthier lifestyle, chances are there is some sort of overall improvement you hope to see in your next chapter.

In Successful Transitions, we will work together to understand your end goals, and to build in practices to your new routine that support those goals.

[successful leadership]

leaders set the stage

Whether you are leading a Fortune-500 company or a family of three, your team depends on you! How you lead sets the tone for the dynamics of your organization, and has a major impact on outcomes. Nevertheless, the habits that worked to get you into a leadership role may not be the same ones that will make you successful once you are at the top.

In leadership coaching, we will take a deep dive into the skills and agenda that you bring to the table as a leader, as well as how you are presenting yourself to the team. The insights gained from this personal exploration will allow you to understand your personal brand of leadership, and how to lean into your most authentic qualities while steering your team towards success.