creating authentic success

Welcome to Malkenson Coaching! I am an ICF Associate Certified Coach, helping busy professionals create authentic success. My clients are balancing full lives with engaging careers in an ever-changing work landscape. Many folks felt spread thin between work and personal matters prior to the pandemic, and have only found that the “flexibility” of hybrid or work-from-anywhere policies makes it even harder to know where to draw a boundary. Ambitious professionals are frequently extended a high level of autonomy at work, and often enjoy taking ownership in areas outside of their career. This can result in a seemingly limitless number of decisions to make at every turn, with pros and cons for each alternative. Without making time to be intentional, life can feel like a bit of an obstacle course - just trying to get over the nearest hurdle. Even worse than the confusion that can result, folks in this position can be so bogged down in their day-to-day that they don't have time to even notice, better yet celebrate, their progress.

If any of this hits home for you, Malkenson Coaching can help!

Each of my three coaching programs is designed to help you quiet the noise of external forces, and focus in on what you intend to accomplish in your current chapter. By understanding what makes you tick, and the sides of yourself you most want to share with the world, we will work together to create a framework for assessing daily choices, creating clarity instead of confusion. With your newfound clarity, you will be ready to confidently go after the success that is most meaningful to you!

Education and prior experience


iPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching)/CPC, 2022

Fordham University School of Law/JD, cum laude 2010

Barnard College/BA in Political Science, 2002